Principal, Policy and Practice Research



     New Principals

        Newly Hired Principal Survey (text of online survey)


Interview Protocols


     New Principals

        New Principal Interview: Summer/Fall 2009 Protocol (t1)

        New Principal Interview: Fall/Winter Protocol 2009 (t2)

        New Principal Interview: Spring/Summer 2010 (t3)

        Monthly Phone Interview: January-June 2010 Protocol


     Other Participants

        District Officials Protocol

        Experienced (Former) Principals Protocol

    • Recently Retired Principals
    • Assessors for the District Principal Eligibility Process
    • Coaches for New Principals

        Local School Council (LSC) Members Protocol

        Local School Council (LSC) Support Providers Protocol

“Being a good school principal is like performing the wonderful tango, like in ‘Scent of a Woman’, yet serving lunch, breakfast and dinner on skates to 500 people. And each person has ordered something different because each person brings with them their own set of dynamics, personalities, that you have to be acutely aware of in order to serve them. That’s the role of a, not the role of a principal but that's describing what a principal’s job is like or what being a principal is like.”


        -New CPS Principal

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